Villa Promise Feature: Transitioning into Assisted Living

Nicole’s Villa Promise:
My Villa Promise is to continuously educate myself as your social worker in order to assist you in any way you need. I promise to listen to what your needs are and promote your independence in fulfilling those needs, as well as provide guidance for you and your loved ones.

Transition is something we all experience in life, continuously at times it seems. Transition can include losses and additions, and definitely always requires us to make adjustments. By the time we reach mature adulthood, we are experts at transition. However, moving into assisted living can be a great challenge in many ways. Think back to when you moved into your college dorm room, or when you moved in with your spouse, or when you had a job change or relocated and had to downsize. When our elder loved ones move into Villa St. Francis, they may be overcome by their loss of independence, loss of familiar surroundings, loss of home and belongings. However, what is being added to a person’s life when they move into Villa St. Francis surely outweighs the losses tenfold.

Stop in and talk to some of our residents about the quality of life they experience on a day-to-day basis through relationships with staff and neighbors, enriching spiritual services and activities, and daily reassurance of nursing oversight. Just like any other transition in life, moving into assisted living may take some adjusting and getting used to. Ultimately though, Villa St. Francis strives to ensure that both our residents and their family members are given every support needed to get through the transition and thrive in their new home. If you are struggling to make a decision about assisted living, or the adjustment period after doing so, I am available to talk with you.

From all of us at Villa St. Francis, we would like to acknowledge all Social Workers during National Social Worker’s Month. Whether you work in a hospital, skilled nursing facility, assisted living or any other capacity, we appreciate your dedication to your profession. We value the relationship that we have with you in the community and want to thank you for your support helping your clients find an assisted living home that’s perfect for them.