Villa St. Francis Celebrates 25th Anniversary

20150618_132815Villa St. Francis opened our doors on June 20, 1990 – that means we’ve provided care for the elderly on Milwaukee’s south side for a quarter-century!

“25 years is a major milestone,” said Sr. Ramona Dombrowski, Interim President/CEO of Villa St. Francis. “It offers the Felician Sisters a chance to express our gratitude to those who support us as we provide for people, and for the neighborhood.”

In a time of transition and turmoil, Villa St. Francis can be a rock and a resource for family members – and a source of joy for the elderly.

“It’s interesting,” said Sr. Dombrowski, “because we still receive responses back from family members to say what a difference we’ve made not only in the life of a resident but also his or her family.”

To mark our 25th anniversary, Villa St. Francis hosted a neighborhood gathering on Saturday, June 20 with food and ¬– of course – music! It was wonderful to have residents and loved ones gather to celebrate.

Villa St. Francis is blessed to have your support. Thank you!

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