Wisdom of Ages: Maureen Haglund


Maureen, who is 95 years old, has been part of our Villa St. Francis community since January 2013. She took a quick break from her busy day to chat with us about travel, playing cards, and music.

What did you do for a living, Maureen?
“I worked at St. Francis Hospital as an admitting clerk for 22 years,” she said. Maureen considers her work at St. Francis to be her greatest life accomplishment.

“You had to be on the alert for any emergency coming in, get them banded, rush them down,” she said. “It was fun. In 22 years…I could tell you stories! I would’ve stayed longer, but my husband retired. So I quit, and I thought we could travel together.”

Did you and your husband travel together?
“Yes, a lot of bus tours. We got to see a lot of stuff,” Maureen said. “We went to western Canada, eastern Canada, Florida, California, the New England states. It’s just nice. You put your suitcase on the bus and go!”

Do you have a hobby?
“I love cards,” she said. In fact, Maureen has been in as many as four different card clubs at any time, and she plays gin rummy, 500, and sheepshead.

“I used to live in an apartment on 88th and Oklahoma. I met so many nice ladies there, and that’s where I had a sheepshead club,” she said. “We’d just go up one floor or down one floor to play cards together. So the ladies there would joke, ‘It’s raining, are you still going to make it to cards tonight?’”

Do you listen to music?
Maureen said, “Yes! I like jazz, and polkas, and waltz.”

“And Lawrence Welk, I always watch that, I just love that program,” she added. Her one “ungranted” wish?

“I never had one of these machines that you played music on,” she said. Sounds as though she’d like to have an iPod one day!