Wisdom of the Ages: Alice Payerl

Alice, what’s your fondest memory of childhood?

“School. English was my favorite subject.”

And what did you do for a living?
“I owned a hardware store,” Alice said. “You would be surprised, but we set up our hardware store after seeing that, on average: men turn to the left when entering stores, and women turn right. We set up the store with more masculine items on the left, and feminine-type items on the right.”

Describe your most important accomplishment.
“I served on the Board of Directors for the Milwaukee Domes,” Alice said. She was a key player in raising funds for the Domes, and instrumental in the creation of the beautiful etched glass on the doors leading into the three domes.

What would you say are the major values or principles that you live by?
“Be honest. If you say what you mean, you never have to second-guess what you say.”

Any advice you would pass on to our youth about life or love?
“Find someone you really love, and be true to them.”