Wisdom of the Ages: Dorothy Jacobson

dorothy-jacobsonDorothy has been a resident here for a month or so, and already she’s found plenty to do! She set aside a couple minutes to talk with us about “the old days,” and to describe her life at Villa St. Francis.

Tell us about your work or career, Dorothy.
“I worked for a printing company in Milwaukee, as a secretary in the shipping department,” she said. “I was there for 43 years.”

She enjoyed her work, but chose to retire shortly after the family-owned business was sold.

What did you do next?
“I stayed home for one year, and I got bored, so I went and I did cleaning part-time. I worked there for 4 years. Then I decided I was going to stay home again, for about a year. I just got too bored sitting home! So I worked at a hobby shop called Model Empire in West Allis for a couple years.”

“It’s hard,” she said, “when you’ve worked that many years, to all of a sudden: you’re there in the morning and you don’t have to get up.”

Tell us about something that makes you happy?
“I like to watch football, and I like basketball. I like to watch the Bucks, and I like, really, to watch college basketball,” Dorothy said.

At Villa St. Francis, she particularly enjoys watching the fish in our aquarium as well as playing Bingo, cards, and listening to music.

Have you ever gone to see a football game?
“I went to one Super Bowl, in California. It was really cold, we had on every stitch of clothing we owned! It’s so different than watching it on TV, amongst the crowd, with the cheering,” Dorothy said.

What advice might you give to a person who wants to be happy?
“Don’t sit around, and not try doing anything! You’ll get old fast that way,” she said.