Wisdom of the Ages: Harriet


We’d like you to meet Harriet, a resident of Villa St. Francis and the subject of today’s “Wisdom of the Ages” piece. With a hearty laugh, Harriet tells us that there’s nothing she wishes she’d done in her life and hasn’t–which means she has many wonderful stories to share.

What did you do for a living?
“I was a hairdresser,” Harriet said. “I had a couple of shops, four. I managed one, because you have to have a manager in every shop.”

Do you have a childhood memory you’d like to share?
“All in all, it was pretty good,” she said. “I had a good brother, a nice sister, a lot of playmates in the neighborhood.” Harriet also loved high school–she attended West Division, where she had two good friends, and they’d eat lunch together every day.

Do you have a favorite kind of music?
“Classical! Once you get to like it, oh, you just love it. It warms my heart, it warms my condition, it does all kinds of things for me.” She also enjoys the musicians who visit Villa St. Francis to sing and play music.

Do you have a hobby you’re fond of?
“I used to have a hobby of bowling. I started out slow, and I just taught myself. I was in a league, I did it for years.” Harriet shared one tip for new bowlers: “I had a routine: put it on the second mark, and you’ll get a strike. If you’ve got a curve on your ball, it’s going to go right in the pocket.”