Wisdom of the Ages: Jadwiga Korasz

IMG_0089Meet Jadwiga Korasz! She moved from Poland to the United States in 1990. Jadwiga (pictured left) has lived at Villa St. Francis for nearly 3 years and loves the people here. She’s the artist who decorates our bulletin board in our Lobby! Her daughter, Barbara Rajzer (pictured right), translated most of our questions. Jadwiga knows some English, but she speaks mostly Polish.

What did you do for a living?
Jadwiga held 3 jobs most of her adult life to support her two daughters financially. She worked as an accountant and a pharmacy technician. She also cared for her own mother until end of her mother’s life.

Tell us about your fondest memory of childhood.
Jadwiga lived in Poland during WWII and had a difficult upbringing; her parents divorced when she was a young child. However, she fondly remembers spending time in the country on vacation.

What books or music do you love?
Anne of Green Gables is a much-loved story for Jadwiga; her favorite music is classical – especially Chopin.

What do you like most about living at Villa St. Francis?
Jadwiga is an avid bingo player and loves the music here, too. She’s also an active member of Polanki, a Polish women’s group that has met in the Dining Room at Villa St. Francis years. Jadwiga also likes the exercise classes!

Has there been anything that you wanted to do – but never did?
Jadwiga did attend English courses at MATC, but she wishes she had learned English sooner so she’d be able to communicate better.

What advice might you give to a person who wants to live a good life?
Live by good ethics and standards. Try to help others when you can.