Wisdom of the Ages: Ruth

Ruth, one of our kindest residents, loves to catch sports on TV. After the recent Packers victory over the Bears, Villa St. Francis sat down with Ruth to talk about her life.

Do you have a childhood memory you’d like to share?
“We had lots of fun in my family,” Ruth said. “We spent a lot of time with our parents, and they always had a great sense of humor.”

What would you consider to be your greatest life accomplishment?
“I loved watching my kids grow up, and seeing what they turned out to be.” Now, Ruth enjoys watching her grandchildren and great grandchildren grow up, too!

How would you suggest a person live a happy life?
“Laugh! Don’t be afraid to tell a spicy joke once in awhile,” Ruth said. “Don’t walk around like the world is on your shoulders. Only remember the happy things and don’t look at past difficulties. Be grateful for what you have: family, children, grandchildren and friends. Enjoy life and be happy.”