Senior Apartments In St Francis

Villa St. Francis is a compassionate and understanding provider of senior apartments in St. Francis. When you or a loved one is in need of companionship and care, our St. Francis WI senior homes are the relaxed, social setting you’ve been looking for.

With a capable, professional staff and an abundant of entertainment opportunities, we’re one of the leaders of Catholic homes St. Francis senior citizens are talking about. Take a tour of our WI senior homes with your family today and learn why our Catholic senior homes in WI are so popular and why residents enjoy staying here.

The most comfortable apartments for seniors in St. Francis

Our senior apartments in St. Francis are run by caring professionals who value our residents’ dignity and spirit. We do everything we can to accommodate the needs of our St. Francis senior residents. Senior Catholic apartments in St. Francis WI should provide choices and options to its residents, and that’s exactly what our residents get:

  • Choice of mealtimes with a certain time window -We value our residents’ right to choose.
  • Choice of shower time -We want our St. Francis WI senior residents to be able to keep their own schedule if they want to.
  • Choice of religious services – Whether you’d prefer non-denominational or Catholic mass, you can attend whichever you’d like.
  • Choice of room – From studios to one- and two-bedroom apartments for seniors in St. Francis, our community provides the amount of space our residents need to feel comfortable.

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Take a tour of our community and find out all the other benefits you get living with our other satisfied residents. Our senior apartments in St. Francis will greatly improve your quality of life by providing companionship, autonomy, and compassion.